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Computer Help Essay

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he essence of this review is to make known of some other research made in relevance to the project topic. Many
researchers have made some findings on how this problem can be solved and achieve the objective of the subject.
As many tertiary institutions as have chosen to pursue the dynamic educational options available online, the advantages
of e-learning are now many. As people of this generation become more dependent on the internet for information, the
need for an online clearance system becomes more apparent. The skills needed to access and comprehend information
online are becoming commonplace, and the flexibility of wireless ...view middle of the document...

Online system is presented as a means of conveying instruction to an extensive learning community any place at any time
[2]. Indicate that adequate designate online learning as the driving force and model for transformation in teaching,
learning and formal schooling online course has the potential to provide learner individualized attention by the instructor,
otherwise impossible in a large classroom environment (environmental education and training partnership 2006). With
the continued development of online system applications, many colleges and Universities have begun to offer online
courses as an alternative to traditional face-to-face instructions. 67% of colleges and universities agreed that online
education is the most logical long term strategies for their institutions [10]. However, there are considerable hesitation
rising predominantly related quality and student respectively to online system, [22]. Just as their advantages there are
also disadvantages to the online system instruction delivery method. There is evidence through previous research that
student fill isolated or disconnected when not engaged in traditional face-to-face instruction [6], while other report
indicate large success. There remains a lack of clarity whether online courses are as affective as traditional courses [19].
While there has been vast amount of research conducted on the advantag

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