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Computer Game Addiction Essay

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Research Paper on Computer Games Addiction
The Problems Of the Younger Generation Addicted to Computer Games
No one can deny the overwhelming influence of media on the present day society. It is surrounding people wherever they are, as media is the books and newspapers that people read, TV shows and movies they are watching, radio they are listening. There is almost no escape from it. Media forms people?s opinions and experiences they rely on in their lives. Even though the influence of media is not always positive, people don?t want to be isolated from the rest of the world and not participate, at least emotionally, in the major events. Through media people get useful information about ...view middle of the document...

The greatest problem game playing poses for children, which prefer to spend their free time playing computer and neglecting their responsibilities. There is an opinion that playing games can have positive influence on individuals. This influence contains development of educational and mental skills, train physical skills, including hand-eye coordination, creativity, resource allocation and problem solving. Games creators also insist that playing carry some psychological benefits such as amusement and relaxation, anger management, stress relief and fulfillment of competitive urges. Computer games provide children the opportunity to broaden their reality frames and behave beyond set standards and expectations. But this can be very dangerous, as children can substitute the true reality with that of the computer world one.
And why do children all over the world continue to play computer games? The answer to this question will help not only in understanding the motives, but also to solve the addiction problem, at least partially. To my opinion, the first driving factor is the design of computer games. There is an astonishing variety of games in terms of graphic engines, storylines, genre and control interfaces. There are role playing games, 2 and 3 dimensional virtual environments that allow to build castles and have an army for fighting, online games that are played through internet with other participants from all over the world, which adds huge attractiveness and popularity to them.
Then, one must realize that computer games have addictive nature, as all of them rely on the same mechanism to present the situation to the player and the way of rewarding the player. It all depends on what player does. And in such a manner a player becomes involved in the repetitive cycle of response and reward. Games are able to please the players, to give them the sense of victory, accomplishment and fulfillment. And if the child lacks those feelings in real life, if he is not very successful in his studies, he will return to games in order to obtain the vital drop of approval. Children are kept constantly interested in the game and from day to day return to it to continue their trip in virtual reality.
Children and young people have a strong need in amusement, and the nature of computer games keeps the player amused and entertained during the whole process of the game, as it presents various situations and evokes various responsive actions form the player through...

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