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Computer Company Battles Essay

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Visual Argument Essay

This picture is clearly is in the favor of Apple Computer Company; it presents Apple as a space age company and at the same time shows its competitor the Microsoft Computer Company as an out dated company. This picture is clearly more focused on promoting Apple as the better company, but where is the proof. The truth is there is none, no facts of figures just a lovely picture they would love for you to take a face value. This picture is clearly one sided and uneven Apple and Microsoft each have their own pros and cons and to display them in such a manner is irresponsible.
The first thing that caught my eye was the very different expressions on ...view middle of the document...

Further more the Apple car is space age looking while the Microsoft car looks like its ready to be junked soon.
So this was not a picture taken by a photographer but you can the artist did some tricky things to make Apple stand out just a bit more. First of all as I mentioned before he has made the Apple car slightly bigger just so that your eye is more easily drawn to Apple’s car. Even the Apple logo is bigger than the Microsoft logo. The artist has also made the Apple car look much more futuristic and the Microsoft car is an old beat up hunk of junk. Also the apple care is slick, smooth and futuristic, but the Microsoft car is not slick or smooth and most certainly is not futuristic.
The artist is clearly trying to highlight the slick Apple Company, but down playing Microsoft Company as an inferior choice. My interpretation of this picture is that the artist making this photo clearly has a bias to Apple over Microsoft so he is down playing Microsoft. Apple or a person that favors Apple much more than Microsoft must have made this photo. The main problem I have with this photo is each has their own strengths and weaknesses as a company and to display them is such a lopsided manner is not fair at all.
In closing in general I like the picture for the most part, it does highlight the style of the Apple Company. The thing is that it makes Microsoft look like some kind of joke. This picture is a prime example of the types of biases that advertisers use all the time. They want to present one idea or brand as the leader in innovation, while the other is shown as outdated and inferior.

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