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Comprehensive Grammar Answer Form Essay

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As a learner, most of my writing has been APA style writing. In fact, the three universities that I have attended in the past have all required me to use the APA style of writing. As I recall my high school years, the APA style of writing also seemed to be a favorite amongst my high school teachers. They all required that term papers be written in APA style as well. This type of writing actually does not differ much from the ones included in the text reading. The text mentioned the APA style of writing several times. In my opinion, it appears to be the most popular style of writing, especially amongst college students.
Based on the results of the quizzes, my grammar skills were ...view middle of the document...

I must admit that I generally procrastinate getting started. Then I find that I have less time to write the paper, simply because I have procrastinated. I’m not even really sure if I should or can actually call it procrastination, because when I sit down to write, there are always other factors involved. For instance, when I am writing I must have complete silence. If there is any noise or anyone else in the room, talking or even moving, I find that I cannot think. After several hours of sitting there, I have only written two sentences. Therefore it is best that I write without any interruptions. Therefore, I have recently begun to go to the library to do research and to write papers. This way I do not have to worry about being interrupted. I have found that since I started going to the library, I am able to get more work done in a short amount of time.
I am actually split, when it comes to answering the questions, “Do you love the creativity but hate the details, or do you feel this is the place you really shine?” Both describe...

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