Composite Materials In Building Essay

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Composite Materials in
Building and Construction

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May 15, 2013 - Denver, CO

Course Description
Composites have been used extensively in industries
such as marine and transportation for more than 50
years. Yet in some industries composites are just now
becoming a primary material of choice.
The use of composites in the building industry is
growing rapidly.
Traditional benefits offered by composites are being
recognized and utilized to address design limitations
and can be used to reduce life cycle environmental and
cost impacts.

Learning Objectives
• Define ‘Composite ...view middle of the document...

Disc brake pads are composites of
hard ceramic particles embedded
in soft metal.

Polymer Matrix Composites
Polymer Matrix Composites
A composite made from a polymer and
a reinforcing and/or particulate material
The polymer binds the reinforcement & particulate together.
Reinforcement material
 Glass fibers
 Natural fibers
 Carbon fibers


Particulate material
 Sand, talc and other fillers
 Color chips
 Recycled glass

Composites Are Lightweight
Polymer matrix composites are lighter than
steel, aluminum, concrete and brick.


112 lb / ft









3-D Column 1

Composites Have High Strength to Weight Ratio

Composites are
lightweight materials that
are strong and stiff.

Composites are much
stronger and stiffer than
pure polymers.

Relative to wood,
composites are stronger
and stiffer.

Relative to concrete,
composites offer superior

Composites can have
specific strength &
specific stiffness similar
to steels.










Specific Strength
(Strength / Density)



Composites Use in
Other Industries

Marine Applications
• Late 1940’s: First boats
constructed of composites
• Durability
• Design Flexibility
• Now: >90% of hulls
are composite

• Impact Resistance
• Corrosion Resistance

• Early 1950’s: First
commercial car bodies
• Design Freedom
• Low Weight
• Now: Significant
utilization on
unique design

• Part Consolidation
• Corrosion Resistance

• Early 1950’s: First
commercial car bodies
• Corrosion Resistance
• Low Weight
• Now: Body Panels,
Valve covers, Truck

• Part Consolidation
• Design Freedom

Heavy Truck
• Late 1960’s saw first use
in heavy truck
• Low Weight
• Corrosion Resistance
• Now: 90%+ of
heavy trucks are
composite body

• High Heat
• Durability

Heavy Truck
• Beyond Body Panels

• Low Weight
• Corrosion Resistance
• Now: Low weight
and high heat

• High Heat
• Durability

• Mid-1970’s: Concorde
was ~8% Composites
• Low Weight
• High Strength
• Now: Boeing 787
- 80% by volume
- 50% by weight

• Design / Aerodynamics
• Sound Dampening

Wind Energy
• 1980’s
– 15 meter diameter
– 50 kW turbines

• High Strength
• Low Weight
• Today
• 150 meter diameter
• 7.5 MW

• Toughness
• Corrosion Resistance

• Storage Tanks
• Electrical Components

• Durability
• Insulating Properties

• Corrosion Resistance

• Extending life of
• Facilitate safer handling

What does all this mean
for the Building &
Construction Industry?

Benefits of Composites


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