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Competitor Analysis

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Competitor Analysis and Description of Management Team for Wired Inc.
Prepared by: Jamie Fox
Saint Leo University

In the following paper it will be discussed the competitor analysis and a description of the management team. In dealing with the competitor analysis we will look at other companies that are similar and what services they actually offer to the customers. We will break down their strengths and weaknesses and compare them to our own strength and weaknesses. Not only will we look into existing companies but ones that might enter this market. This is an area that Wired Inc. can see happening. This is due to the simple fact that it is almost a part of the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore there are many customers whom of which will use no other service due to the fact that they have always had a good experience with FedEx or UPS.
How this affects Wired Inc., even though we are not a shipping business, is how FedEx and UPS have ventured out of their comfort zone and have now started offering additional services such as printing, faxing, computers for the public to use, and etc. However, they supply these services at what some may say an expensive cost due to the simple fact this is not their bread and butter of the company. It is more along the lines of icing on the cake. This is just supplemental income to them.
Another strength is due to the long history of the company, is their multiple locations whereas Wired Inc. is just starting off. We understand that due to this simple fact people may not want to make the trip to the business when they have the use of FedEx or UPS facilities right around the corner. This is where we have to be smart about our pricing and lure customers in.
The weakness of these companies is that most of the time the employees employed there are not technologically savvy. They know how to do the basics but there have been many of times for most of us that we were unable to accomplish what we set out to do because the employees didn’t understand or know how to do it. This is where Wired Inc. will separate itself from the rest by having knowledgeable staff that will be able to perform any task required of them.
Another weakness that these two companies have is their hours of operation. As stated before Wired Inc. is the first of its kind to be open 24hrs whereas FedEx and UPS have set hours of operation.

Public Libraries/School Facilities
This is also true with the computer labs that are located at either school facilities/ public libraries. They have limited operational hours to which are extended to the public for use. This is especially true during the weekend to where the local libraries close in the early afternoon. The weekend time is when majority of the public needs access to such technology.
However even though they have limited hours of operation like that of FedEx and UPS, their major strength is due to the fact that these facilities usually provide their service free or has small charges. This could be an issue for Wired Inc., but we believe that majority of the public do not want to be cramped in a small area in the library but to be able to feel relaxed.
Potential Competitors
When a new branch of the market has been found, it isn’t long before businesses starting venturing into it. Being that this is exactly the situation, Wired Inc. expects to see new companies becoming established in this market making the competition that much more intense. We can foresee this happening possibly within the next five years. Even though this could cut into some of our profit, we believe that by that time we will have established a good cliental. What this means is...

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