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Competitive Profile Matrix Essay

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Leadership is a vital factor onany enterprise since it dealsalmost anything that runs in theenterprise. It also affects theorganizational management thatalso affects the company’sgrowth. Rating or weighing it in25% similar to CFS #2 isappropriate for these both factorshave the highest importance inany organization
Customer Service
This factor is the sole missionof each and every enterprise. Thisfactor specifies how the enterprisemanages its services to thecustomer with utmost quality.Rating or weighing ...view middle of the document...

Customer Loyalty
This factor aids in the successof the company especially on therevenue accumulation over time.For loyalty of customers is a goodasset in a company for thesecustomers has the ability todouble it buying power. Weighingit 15% is also appropriate for it ismuch important than technologyfor this increases sales over timeand may be a good goal to anenterprise as much as a good motivation
Is how a person modifies acertain thing or structure thattransforms it to make it moreuseful or to keep it morecompetitive.
Product Quality
This critical Success factor is avital factor for the success of theenterprise since it increases thecustomer loyalty and alsoincreases the customers’satisfaction. This factor isimportant so it is right to rate it by3
Customer Satisfaction
This critical success factormakes the enterprise moreappealing to potential customersmore than to its loyal customers.For this factor has the ability tomarket its own reputation bymean of the word-of-mouthmarketing, brought by the loyal customers. Thus increasing thesales of the enterprise. This factoris very much important thusrating it the highest is much moreappropriate.

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