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Competition Essay

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The Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad is estimated to use differentiation strategy. Astro is a leading integrated consumer media entertainment group in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with operations in 4 key areas of business, namely pay-TV, Radio, Publications and Digital Media.
Firstly, Astro is the only satellite TV service in Malaysia. Many new firms have high barriers of entry to enter the industry of satellite TV. This is because Astro has made such a big name for themselves. The first thing that comes to Malaysian customer's mind when satellite TV is mentioned would be Astro because Astro has ...view middle of the document...

5 million residential customers or approximately52% penetration of Malaysian TV households. Astro provides Astro B.yond and Astro On-The-Go HD with 3D, PVR, VOD and IPTV services. Fulfilling its promise to bridge the digital divide for all of Malaysia, Astro has introduced NJOI as the country’s first non-subscription based satellite TV service, offering 19 TV and 20 radio channels.
Next, The industry of Pay TV have quite a few firms but not very many and are offering homogenous or differentiated products.  In this case, the Astro has a few firms are offering differentiated product and services such as the TV channels offered, the way shows are being broadcasted (Satellite/Cable/IPTV), branding and etc.ABN and HyppTV are the competitor of Astro. For example, ABN (Asian Broadcasting Network) is set to launch its services soon with features that are rumoured to be better than Astro. For instance, ABN is offering more than 2000 channels and for a cheaper price than Astro. Since ABN has not launched its services yet, HyppTv by TM Net would be other competitor of Astro. HyppTv is a new Pay TV service who started their services in 2004 which offers about 94 channels whereas Astro offers 156 TV channels.
In conclusion, Astro is applying Differentiation strategy, because it offers unique and superior products and services in wide market.

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