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Competition Between Elimination And Substitution In Haloalkane

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Competition Between Elimination and Substitution in Haloalkane

The main focus of this study is to study the competition between substitution and elimination of haloalkanes. Substitution of haloalkanes
This report will explain the two types of SN1 and SN2 reactions. Later, the factors which influence both SN1 and SN2 reactions will be explained and competition between the two different types of substitutions will be further elaborated to see which conditions favour each type of reactions.
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Later on, to ease the process of determining which reaction is favoured on the haloalkane, we will divide the process to see if the reaction is favoured on SN1/E1 or SN2/E2 reaction as each pairs of reactions are favoured by the same conditions. Then, the primary, secondary or tertiary structure of the haloalkane will further determine whether the major product of each reaction is a substitution product, elimination product or both.
As a conclusion, the details of each reaction need to be taken into account to determine the product of the reaction of haloalkanes. Many factors are taken into account, namely the leaving group, the nucleophilicity, type of solvent, steric effect and structure of haloalkane. Thus, the steps mentioned in this study need to be carefully observed to get the most accurate results.

There are a few objectives of this study. One of it is to explain the elimination mechanism, which include E1 and E2.The second objective is to study the substitution mechanism, which include SN1 and SN2 and lastly to identify factor affecting competition between substitution and elimination in haloalkane.

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