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Competency Model Essay

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Area of Study


Proposed Title:


1. Introduction:

A new term for managing employment is Human Resource (HR) has gained rapid and widespread acceptance in worldwide. But still there is some ambiguity remains in between HR and traditional Personnel management. HRM’s main principle is “our human resources are our most important asset”. Others emphasize that it is all about ...view middle of the document...

Akio Morita, Chairman of Sony, is blunt in describing the underlying causes of these problems. “The trouble with a large segment of American management is attributable to two misguided attitudes: American managers are too worried about short term profits and too little concerned about their workers” (The New York Times Sunday Magazine, 3 January 1981).

Clearly, both of these problems related to the human resource management of the firm. While the second is obvious, it is also true that the short-run outlook of managers is rooted in less obvious human resource issues involving the management of rewards and careers (Devanna M. Ann, 1981). In practice, the HR function within organisations in the UK (and elsewhere) is infinitely flexible, organisationally contingent over time and driven principally by the external contexts of the age; and these often change within short periods of time. Indeed, the history of HR in the UK and elsewhere shows that it has had to change its priorities and focus its activities by re-inventing itself continuously. This has been largely in response to external socio-economic factors beyond the immediate control of HR practitioners or senior managers. For these reasons a variety of definitions, frameworks and models can be found in any of the basic (or not so basic) texts and in the wide range of articles examining and exploring the functions, roles and antecedents of contemporary HRM in organisations (Farnham, 2010). It is this context that the study intends to investigate to what extent human resource management is being adopted and practiced by the Local Authorities in UK and to determine factors associated to Local Authorities in adopting a human resource management framework as suggested by the western literature.

2. Problem Statements:

Human resource planning has declined in importance in Britain, and is increasingly seen as an informal problem-solving activity. HR, especially in terms of training and development, is highly decentralised in Britain. The traditional training model has been out of dated by a learning model which highlights the responsibility of staff and their line managers (McCourt, 1999).

This study is undertaken to fill up this understanding gap. It is vital to study on how human resource is being adopted by government agencies as an implement of enhancing performance. Local Authorities are chosen as the scenery because of their important function in UK.


a) What is the level of competencies in managing human capital required in newly elected officials for effective policy making among the Local Authorities in terms of:

i) Unity of systems;

ii) Conventional route and operation;

iii) Intensity of investigation;

iv) Accomplishment of mission and expertise; and

v) Organize and reaction method

b) What is the contributing and hindering factors in the Local Authorities in effectively maintain the level of competencies in newly elected officials;

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