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Competencies Essay

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Competency Based Employee Selection


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Organizations are evolving in the hiring process of employees. They are hiring new employees based on their competency. This is the ability of the potential employee to perform a certain duty to a certain set standard. Competencies are characteristics of an excellent performance in a specified context. Competencies has different components which all work together to ensure the success of an organization. These components are key ...view middle of the document...

This is very productive for organizations because cross-training is easy. An organization that has many employees cross-trained for many positions reap the benefit of having a secure base in case an employee leaves or is not able to perform their particular job. Having employees with a high level of competency allows for those employees to learn new jobs or move into positions that open up and they are able to succeed in accomplishing the tasks of that job.
Some organizations require applicants to take placement tests that show their abilities so the organization has a comfort zone as to placement of the applicant should the person be hired. The organization is then able to compare the abilities of the applicants with the job description and with other job descriptions to see what benefit there is to the company in hiring this applicant.
The selection process is dependent upon the culture and the diversity needed in a company. There are different types of organizations where competency-based employees need to be more efficient in their particular field than others.
Once testing is done, the human resource specialist is able to compare the results with what the organization is looking for. There is a higher level of need with certain career paths such as with medical professions. Evaluating the prospective applicant requires knowing what the position requires. In the medical field, nurses sometimes must know how to do things that doctors would do. It is not that nurses are doctors but in emergency type situations, nurses need to be able to be directed by a doctor as to how to save a life or they must be the hands and eyes if there is distance between them in the particular emergency situation.
In the medical field, having high talents in administering drugs or needles is quite effective in that nurse becoming a diverse employee in the hospital or doctor’s office. Mistakes cannot be made and so competency-based hiring for this field has high expectations. It may not be as critical for the medical technician who takes vitals and is simply updating records when the patient is feeling fine. It is more critical when the patient has a high fever and is not feeling the best. Mistakes cannot be made.
In manufacturing, foundry workers cannot make mistakes that may not only cost the company money but could cost someone’s life. In these positions, a high level of competency is important. Simply hiring someone who is good for the job that is open is not very good business ethics. Competency-based skills are needed for a company to have employees who can work as a team, watch-out for each other, assist each other, and make the organization more productive.
“An individual’s core competencies are generally grouped along two dimensions: (1) skills, knowledge, and technical qualifications, and (2) behavioral characteristics, personality attributes and individual aptitudes. Traditional hiring practices have focused on...

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