Compensation Plan Essay

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Creating a Vision

Harold Williams


April 19, 2010
Shirley Myers

Creating a Vision

InterClean is currently a successful company that provides cleaning products to health care companies. EnvrioTech is a successful company that provides cleaning solutions to companies in health care field. The two companies merged with aspirations to become the only global company to provide full service products, packaging, and cleaning solutions for the health care industry. The challenges facing the company are a smooth merger, retaining the best employees, and hiring the best talent available to join InterClean sale teams. The company will use newspaper, and online advertisements ...view middle of the document...

Individuals who possess research skills can provide a valuable asset on any sales team.
Possessing knowledge in health care related field also provides an advantage to our company and sale teams. Research shows that individuals whom possess knowledge of a product will more likely be motive to sell and discussion the product; again, this is vital in the growth of the company.
A key factor in working successfully on teams is acquiring an understanding of team dynamics. Possessing the knowledge of diversity helps in creating a positive relationship with one another. Additionally, a positive relationship leads to high functioning teams, high morale, and outstanding collaboration.
Employees who demonstrate a positive and motivated attitude provides excellent customer service to our clients. Individuals who demonstrate initiative and enthusiasm normally attain results and often work with little supervision and instruction. They strive to accomplish task well within the allotted time.
The quality of work must start at the beginning, during, and after the sale. Individuals must possess high standards of exercising their duties, and responsibilities to the sale team, company, and the client.
InterClean will provide a solid training program for employees that propels the growth of the company in a global economy. The training must be challenging and rewarding to meet the vision of the employees and company. In meeting goals there will be rewarding opportunities for the sale team members and company. We welcome the challenge set forth by our leaders in developing full service cleaning solutions, and acquiring the knowledge to employ those products. The first phase of training will focus on completing knowledge pre-assessment to establish a baseline for training requirements. Employees who perform well in the pre-assessment can serve as peer coaches; additionally, they can assist instructors during the training process. The training will include briefings, and assessments required to meet OSHA standards, ethical guidelines, and customizing packages for clients. We will mentor employees by assigning buddy teams, and providing sensing sessions with department managers. We have identified six key and important principles of training to address our needs.

(1). Department managers must be responsible to ensure all training requirement are met.

(2). Mid-level managers must be responsible for their team individual skills and the input required from employees to develop individual skills and knowledge.

(3). Proficiency in sales and environmental requirements.

(4). Understand the standards and policies and procedures for working in a sanitation industry.

(5). Team members at all levels must be adaptable and embrace change.

(6). Finally, we must sustain our current level of training and cross-training to continue to streamline efficient customer service.

Every department...

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