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Comparison Essay: The Pearl And The Old Man And The Sea

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The truth, however masked or denied, is as TS Elliot puts it, “hell is oneself, hell is alone, and the other figures in it are merely projections”. Each and every person has the ability to choose his own actions, and therefore must be responsible for their consequences. Of course, the others in this ‘personal hell’ may have physically or mentally injured us; but that does not mean that we should, in this, result living in hell, but can rather choose to live in paradise. Take injustice, the easiest way to allow our lives to turn into sheer nightmare. Inequality, or discrimination happens in our society, purely because that one is of a different nationality, ...view middle of the document...

Living in such an environment, it brings an obvious message compared to the nearby city of villas and palaces; that living in an said ideal environment with standards set by society immediately grants one certain rights and privileges. In the village Kino lives in, it lacks anyone of professional standards, which is sorely needed. Coyotito, Kino’s first born son, was sleeping when a scorpion “fell on the baby’s shoulder, landed and struck” (Stein 5). Such an living arrangement is not suitable for anyone, however, no one steps in to help. They, people with less fortunate financial support is to live with starving dogs and pigs, that, in a wild manner, “search endlessly for any dead fish or sea bird that may have floated in" onto the dirty, yellow stained beach next to the brush houses" (Stein 14); where the inhabitants in the "city of stone and plaster" (Stein 8) are bequeathed with the luxury of pets that reside in secret gardens with the singing of caged birds. For Santiago, in The Old Man and the Sea, his living situation does not immediately jumps out. Further in the novella, he is the very picture of an unsuccessful fisherman, without a cast net and suitable amount of baits and even food; but most important of all was the lack of fish he could catch. His friend Manolin, a young boy, who provides Santiago with all his bare necessities- meals, coffee and beer, companionship. He even scolds himself of being thoughtless as he remembers that winter is approaching, and that he should "get him another shirt and a jacket... some sort of shoes and another blanket" (Hem 21). This is extremely different from "the successful fisherman of that day were already in and had butchered their marlin out" (Hem 11). They must had other members to accompany them and help in case of troubles, or just the sake of company; whereas Santiago's only company was seabirds of sorts, the fish and himself, as no one dare to go with him, fearing that, like Manolin's parents says, "the old man was now definitely and finally salao" (Hem 1). The fishermen were all scared that Santiago's 'worst form of unlucky' would pass onto themselves if they went fishing with him. While Kino's hut was full of damp air, had a fire pit that was lighted and the structure made of brush; Santiago had a shack with tough royal palm on the outside, with only pictures as decoration on the brown fiber walls, cracks for breeze and it was dark. Kino and Santiago lacks basic needs of what is needed for survival, and yet the amount of help is bare minimal. This is the start of the injustice that the protagonists face, the start of their self-made hell; and as William Henley romanticizes, "beyond this place of wrath and tears, looms but the horror of the shade".

According to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary: Eighth Edition, the word 'injustice' is described as "a situation being unfair and of people not being treated equally; and unfair act or treatment." The said situations and people are seen...

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