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Comparison Essay

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“Who am I?” a question that many teenagers might have had asked themselves before. Searching for its own identity is an unavoidable process that teenagers would have to face during the transition from childhood to adulthood. In the story “How I contemplated the…” and “Boys and Girls”, the two demonstrate the adolescence of two teenagers girls. In the stories, both girls had gone through some troubles in searching their identity, desire for attention, but they have completely different approach to it.
First of all, both young girls in the stories had gone through some difficulties in defining themselves. In “How I contemplated the…” the central character does not feel the belongingness toward the society and the home she lives at. She thinks ...view middle of the document...

Her gender, her mother, and the society had pressured her to become someone against her will. She didn’t want to stay inside the house doing housework like her mother for her entire life. “A girl was not, as I had supposed, simply what I was; it was what I had to become” (Munro).
Moreover, both of the young girls in the stories are desire for attention. In “How I contemplate...” the young girl has done many silly things to simply get her parents’ attentions. She’s rich and she can easily ask her parents to get the gloves for her but instead she thinks “I want to steal but not to buy” (Joyce). And she once took $30 from a friend’s mother and smashed the basement window just for fun which also shows her craves for attention. Similarly, in “Boy and Girls” the girl had once told her little brother to climb the ladder to the top beam only for “a need of excitement, a desire for something to happen so that she could tell about it “(Munro). She wants to get her father’s attention and make him feel that she’s capable to do everything boys can do.
Lastly, although the two girls are similar in a certain way but their approaches to get attention was completely different. In “How I contemplate...” the girl’s approaches tend to be very drastic. She runs away for around one year to downtown Detroit, where she knows nothing about that place. At downtown Detroit she met Simon and Clarita and been a period of prostitution. After she got abuse by them, she then got picked up by the police and sent to the house of correction. Even so she still refuses to contact her parents which allow her to be released. “I’m not talking...I won’t go home” (Joyce). In contrast, in “Boy and Girls” the girl tries the best she can to help her father with the works. “Beside carrying water.........” (Munro).

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