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Comparison And Contrast Of Division 13 And 14 Apa

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Comparison and Contrast of Division 13 and Division 14

Comparison and Contrast of Division 13 and Division 14
The current American Psychological Association (APA) was founded in 1892. The organization’s main priority was and continues to be the advancement of Psychology as a science. ("Society For Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.", 2012). The history of the APA Division 13 indicates that this organization was initially instituted by a very selective group of members, whom had achieved the highest qualifications of fellowship. As a result these members could practice as psychological examiners or consultants. In its origins, members writhed with operational ...view middle of the document...

" (2012) “The purpose of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology is to promote human welfare through the various applications of psychology to all types of organizations providing goods or services, such as manufacturing concerns, commercial enterprises, labor unions or trade associations, and public agencies (A Brief History of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc.- A Division of the APA).
APA Division 13 and 14: Mission
It is fair to say that both divisions of the APA have shared the goal of advancing Psychology as a science. Furthermore, both divisions are committed to utilize the study of psychology to benefit and fulfill organizations and individuals. Division 13 and 14 aspire to ensure the outmost high standards of practice and consultation by inspiring psychological research, ideas and contributions within the Psychology arena. The desire to advance applied psychology through the promotion of research and specialized publication is shared by both divisions. Nurturing good relations between all divisions of APA is critical to maintain and support the advancement of psychology as a discipline through the development of community professional opportunities. ("Society For Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.", 2012).

Community Involvement
Both Divisions 13 and 14 are actively involved within the psychology community ("Society For Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.", 2012). They both host annual conferences in which psychologists from all over the world congregate. During these conferences psychologists meet to further professional development, network and continue education. The conferences are a critical vehicle to maintain relevance amongst peers and within the discipline.

Tools for I/O Professionals Div 13. Both divisions of APA offer a variety of tools that are critical to the further development of the field of Psychology ("American Psychological Association", 2012). Division 13...

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