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Comparison And Contrast Essay

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Good Parenting
Good parenting is the upbringing of a child or children with care, love and guidance given by the parents. The way the child is brought up determines whether or not the child is integrated into society or has problems accepting society. Parenting plays an important part since it acts as a bridge between a child’s understanding of them and the world. Good parenting consists of morals and values, effective communication and trust.
Morals and values are essential aspects of proper upbringing in a child’s life for good parenting. Teaching a child good morals and values enables a child to make wise decisions in life and also help them to ...view middle of the document...

When communication is implemented early a child can be assisted by the parent with their various problems such as peer pressure, bullying or even personal problems. Since the child accepts this communication with the parent, the child confides in their parent about anything and everything and this can prevent major consequences such as suicide, drug usage or bullying.
Most importantly, trust is a major factor in good parenting. When trust is coming from both parent and child there will be a positive relationship between both individual. With trust, great responsibilities are given from parent to child. When the parent placed trust in the child they expect the child to be honest in every aspect of their lives and if the child does not break the parents’ trust he or she will be rewarded by the parent. When a child trust the parent he or she trust with confidence that their parent will provide for them, protect them and love them unconditionally. Once the parent does not break that trust the child will have the parent as friend and therefore confides their joy and sorrow in them.
These three important factors of good parenting, morals and values, effective communication and trust will help enormously in building a better society. A strong parent-child relationship will prevent much family and world crisis experienced today. With strong family ties a child would have the confidence to overcome any challenge society placed on them.

~Melissa Mohammed

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