Compare And Contrast Two Social Research

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J Compare and Contrast Two Methods of Sociological Research.

Compare and contrast the major characteristics of two methods of sociological inquiry.

Your answer should clarify how:

Each method relates to a distinct tradition of social research (e.g., positivism, interpretivism or the critical tradition);

Addresses the issue of objectivity and;

Account for the relationship between the natural and the social sciences.

Research methods are a crucial part to understanding society. Without research ...view middle of the document...

The writer will discuss examples of each tradition, a qualitative research method and a quantitative research method. The writer will then go on to discuss the contributions of two major sociologists in each; Emile Durkheim for Positivism and Max Weber for Interpretivism. The writer will then go on to compare and contrast each tradition.
Positivism was first established by French philosopher Auguste Comte in the early 19th century. Positivism can be defined as ‘’ the tendency to develop the means of our reason either to predict the phenomena of nature or to modify them through our intervention, which is the characteristic feature of the positive philosophy’’ (Comte, 1971, 199). Positivism takes the form of quantitative research methods. Quantitative research methods include surveys, structured interviews and closed ended questions. Quantitative research methods are there to measure facts and to be objective. This form of social research is very impersonal and is not meant for in depth answers. It is a highly reliable source of information and allows for different interpretations from researchers. It is used to...
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