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Walter Mitty the daydreamer
By: Kathie Simkoff
May 26, 2014
Eng 125

May 26, 2014
Eng 125

Walter Mitty is very much a daydreamer that would rather be in an alternate reality rather than to be in reality itself.
I chose a story written in 1939 by James Thurber. It is a wonderful short story called The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. As I read, I found that Mr. Thurber’s main character, Walter Mitty was a very comical yet whimsical man. Although the story itself takes place in Waterbury, Connecticut. His daydreamswill take you on short journeys to far away places, such as a commander of an ...view middle of the document...

The story caught my attention because being a wife myself, I can actually almost envision how Walter must have seen things in his own mind about his wife’s constant nagging. His daydreams almost caused him several accidents. I guess because his imagination is so vivid and over the top. As I read I found myself getting connected almost as if I were actually there with him.
While I was reading the story I found that Mrs. Mitty could be quite bossy at times, even though she may have had good intentions. I almost at times believe that Walter may have been a bit forgetful. For example when Walter was daydreaming as they drove into the city about being a commander of a naval vessel and Mrs. Mitty yelled “Not so fast! You are you driving too fast!”(Clugston -2010) Walter Mitty looked at his wife and was shocked because she was unfamiliar to him, as if just a strange woman yelling at him from a crowd of people. He didn’t seem to remember his wife very much. Or was it that he was so enthralled in his daydream that he couldn’t recognize her? He drove around the streets aimlessly for a time, and then he drove past the hospital on the way to the parking lot. (Clugston-2010) Did he forget where he was going as he drove?
Walter Mitty was an older gentleman who absolutely loved to daydream to escape reality. Mrs Mitty did constantly nag him and I feel that this was one of the main reasons he would daydream so much. So he didn’t have to listen to her. Poor fellow.

R. Wayne Clugston-2010. Bridgepoint Education

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