Comparative Research On The Development And Implementation Of Philippine Health Information Systems

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Evaluating computerised health information systems (Health professionals should be closely involved in implementation)Joel Ladner
Editor—Littlejohns et al identified the reasons for failure to implement a hospital information system in South Africa,1 but they do not emphasise the need for health professionals to be closely involved.
In 1997 we conducted a field test of prototype tools and information flows over six months, with the overall goal of developing a computerised health information system at the three university teaching hospitals (totalling 1500 beds) in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.
In each hospital the system was managed by a team from the administrative department, without a ...view middle of the document...


AMIA recommendations
Given the potential impact of EHR technology to improve healthcare delivery and increase inadvertent patient harm, AMIA believes it is now critical to coordinate and accelerate the numerous efforts underway focusing on the issue of EHR usability. Vendors and users of health IT both seek to improve the quality of care delivered with EHR, but current evidence suggests that some health IT may facilitate certain types of adverse events and medical errors, and that these problems may be related to usability issues. The recommendations below do not address all aspects of the safe and effective use of EHR, but they help focus attention on critical usability issues that adversely affect patient safety and the quality of care.
-Enhancing patient safety and quality of care by improving the usability of electronic health record systems: recommendations from AMIA - Blackford Middleton

The major advantage of computerization has been in saving of time of health workers in record keeping and report generation. The initial capital costs of computerization can be recovered within...

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