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The Company I am going to be working for is Morales & Associates Incorporated.
1. The position I am interested in would be a sales rep.
2. The job consists but not limited to: fillinng customers' mail and telephone orders from stored merchandise in accordance with specifications on sales slips or order forms. Other duties include computing prices of items, completing order receipts, keeping records of out-going orders, and requisitioning additional materials, supplies, and equipment.
3. Some requirements include knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services. This includes marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systems.
4. What are the company’s requirements as far as experience, certifications, and continuing education? The position only required some sells experience. Other than that they are going to give OJT in order to ...view middle of the document...

Some of the skills I have that will transfer to this new job are as followed: proficient in Microsoft Office, highly trained in face to face and telephone customer service, outgoing, and I know how to use email, fax, and a multi-lined telephone.
6. What words describe you? Multitasker, highly trainable, motivated, dedicated, focused, outgoing.
7. How does your previous employment experience relate to the position? Outside of being a sales rep I was also in the United States Navy for six years. All of my years in the military taught me lifelong skills that can be applied to any job. Like working in stressful environments, having long work hours, not quitting until the job is done, working in a very diverse work atmosphere and most important showmanship. All of which are important to any employer.
8. What leadership qualities do you have? Once again I was in the military for six years the service actually trained me in leader ship by offering leader ship courses. I was also put in charge of multiple work groups consisting of anywhere from three to ten personnel. Also, at my property management company I was in charge of as many as fifteen different personnel at once, which definitely tested my leadership qualities.
9. Search the company and describe:
            - The company’s mission statement. Morales & Associates goal is to provide our customers with great customer service and to grow our business by offering consistent source with ideas and quality solutions. In addition, we are minority HUB certified with the state and city. Morales & Associates has a full sales, service and consulting team that is focused on delivering exceptional customer service

            - Any culture elements (ethics, values, etc.) that you can tell from the website. I was not able to find this on the website
            - Is the company active in the community? Once again I was not able to find any information on the website.
            - Any other information or comments you would like to provide about the company
10. What does Onet list as being the average entry level pay rate for this position in our region? Average median yearly income for entry level pay is $23,700. However do to my actual job I would be making quite a bit more.

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