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Company Practices Essay

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Company Practices Related to Harassment



Harassment within an organization or company may take different forms. In essence harassment in a company involves all forms of discrimination, belittling acts or pronouncements and intimidation perpetrated against an individual on basis of race or ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation, disability, religion, pregnancy or any other applicable criteria. Harassment or bullying, when persistent, adversely affects the victims by making work place hazardous and therefore intolerable. According to Deery, Walsh & Guest (2011) the victims undergo stress and emotional turmoil .Sometimes harassment at work place may involve ...view middle of the document...

Failing or reluctance to employ individuals of certain ethnicity especially minorities in permanent terms while the same is being extended to others only exhibits favoritism but also outright discrimination. Disability should not be used to discriminate candidates during hiring process. Physically disabled individuals should be given amenities to enhance their productivity and not be victimized.
Some companies lack policies to guide workers on harassment. Organizations ought to have and implement an anti-harassment policy Dobbin & Kelly (2007) that has absolutely no tolerance for workplace bullying. Such a policy should set a standard of behavior that all staff must adhere to regardless of positions they hold. Workers in such organizations that lack relevant policies are susceptible as they often do not know the avenues to follow when they experience a harassment episode (Dobbin & Kelly, 2007). Therefore, as Hartley (2015) states an anti-harassment policy should outline the procedure of reporting complains. Organizations need to put in place procedures for carrying out investigations on suspected harassment cases and lay down disciplinary measures where individuals are found culpable (Chicktay, 2010). Victims of any form of harassment; verbal, physical, sexual or other forms need to be accorded due confidentiality since harassment victims usually suffer victimization or even revenge. The policy should in no uncertain terms prohibit any attempt by a person being investigated for harassment from intimidating the victims into withdrawing complains. Where such cases of reprisals emanating from having lodged complained against a colleague, they should equally be reported and investigated. Just as important, a suspected harasser should be given confidentiality when being investigated. Due fairness and independence should be exercised in such investigations. It is critical that it is understood that different people have varied concept of harassment. What one considers harassment may not have the same notion to another person. The policy should emphasize on timely resolution of conflicts. Often, harassment cases are settled informally possibly with assistance of a colleague, or a manager. In certain scenarios, internal interventions may not be adequate especially when involving serious harassment cases. Outsourced arbitration may be used to resolve such cases. Where possible, companies are encouraged to offer counselling services to harassment victims.
Organizations that train staff on work place etiquette are less likely to experience cases of harassment. Dobbin & Kelly (2007) observe that workshops and pamphlets to guide workers on acceptable behavior may play important role in avoiding occurrence of work place harassment. This kind of training as observed by Icenogle et al. (2002), it involves letting both the management and lower cadre staff understand...

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