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Company Culture Essay

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Interview with Laura Hollis, Director (Human Resources)

Structure. How are units or divisions organized?  Who is in charge of HR policies for the overall organization?  for each division or unit? How is HR handled in other countries?

A very complicated organization. On a global level. Opportunity International as a global entity is structured = from a global perspective supporting partners and implementing partners. Opportunity US and UK and Australia and Canada and Germany are supporting partners. They are autonomous and have their own board of directors, staff, and policies. She works for HR at Opportunity US. On the global side, there is a network services organization that is the ...view middle of the document...

Those are the 3 primarily revenues streams of fundraising, each have their own SEP. Resource development is the largest of the 3. About half is that department. We have one HR department, Senior VP, Laura is the director, there is a benefits manager. Connie and I spend about half our time on the global side, with the network and then the other half working for the US organization. We provide all HR support to the US team. We work cooperatively with all of the managers, but we are responsible for managing policies under HR. We aren’t big enough to have different divisions of HR within. Each department has an SVP and we will work with individual managers within the department. Some have 3, some are bigger.

Administration and finance (accounting, MIS option). HR department. Executive department (within that is the CEO and executive assistants).

When we do head counts, we had about 80 FTE and of the 80, 36 are within the resource development of the private donors. All US employees within HR and all over the US. Corporate office has 50-60 people. Fundraisers within regions…geographically diverse. California. Vast majority are located at the corporate office.

What procedures/practices are in place regarding HR planning?  How does the organization assure that it will have the right number of persons, with the right skills, at the right place at the right time especially when working in so many different countries?  Is there a plan for unexpected or predictable organizational vacancies?  For which jobs?  Do they have a skills inventory? 

SVP’s when we go through the budgeting process, that would be the time when people submit projected new positions. Budget year is a calendar year. That is when we would ask for new positions. They would work with us to say this is what we want and price them out. We want a new director and it would be this many dollars. Within the budget we have a fairly good estimate of the cost to hire a new employee. That happens during the budgeting season. During the year, there is an occasion when something comes up and we get a position written in a grant. Then again, we go thru that same process with the manager to write descriptions and price out job based on salary surveys and internal knowledge. We have a process that if there is a division that wasn’t in the plan, they have to get the CEO to sign off on the new position. Transparent.

Jobs that just come up and aren’t necessarily expected.

Selective Recruiting and Hiring.  What sources are examined when looking for new employees in the US and other countries?  Are they the same for all positions?  Are preferences given to internal candidates?  How is selection done for external candidates?   Internal candidates?  Who makes the final decision?  Does it vary according to the position?

There is a requisition form the managers complete and sign off on and provide a job description. Then we start the recruiting process. We do a lot of internet advertising,...

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