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Comp 101 Essay

653 words - 3 pages

Kashu Hussey
Prof: Mrs. Redman
Class: Composition 101
Date 10/10/12
When I was a child, I always had my parents by my side to take care of me. They have given me such a wonderful life even if I take them on my shoulder and show them around the world I won’t be able to repay their greatness, kindness and what they did for me. The have always showed me the right path to follow. There are many aspects that stand out in my personality such as responsibility, helpful and respectful person. All of these things make me the person who I am and make me enjoy my life.
One of the aspects that stand out about my personality is that I am very responsible person. When I think of responsibility, the first thing pops into my mind is my family and it means a lot to me. Ever since I was a little kid, my parents always taken care of me ...view middle of the document...

Another aspect that stands out my personality is I am very helpful. I like to help people who have difficulties in living. For example, there are many people in our society can’t afford to buy food or need money to take care of the family. I always want to be there on their side when they are in trouble because I’ve seen my parents helping needy people when they had problems with money, food or anything else. I saw them doing it with my own eyes and inspired me to help poor people in their need. I never feel bad assisting them with money or foods. Instead, I feel greatness in me supporting them and they appreciate my help which makes me stay with them all the time.
The last aspect that stands out is I am a respectful person. I learned respecting younger people along with older people. My parents always taught me to respect people so they will respect me. One day, my father and I were walking in the park and suddenly we heard a young boy saying something disrespectfully to an old guy. We just kept watching until we saw some people came and stopped their arguing. I had a feeling that my dad did not like it. So when we went home, he told me, “sometimes people will judge you on your behavior and it will prove how we taught you things like respecting, be polite and nice when talking to someone. Just remember it.” I am always respectful since then and people love me for it.
In conclusion, there are many things makes me who I am today. All these things came from the people who were around me to see me as a better person and they were always there for me and they were my parents. Whatever they have given so far I will never be able to give them back. So, I always remember what they’ve said and I do the things exactly the way the told me. These things got connected with my personal life which I do them ever day such as respect, help and always try to be a responsible person. All these things gave me a better life and I enjoy doing them and my life.

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