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Community Services Essay

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The active participation of the community is the most important part of conserving, reestablishing and constructing both the physical infrastructure and the democracy of cities.
From my point of view, Will Rogers principles about physically fit cities and on how we should shape our cities, the vision of growing a city honors equality and diversity. Recycling brownfields abandoned and underutilized property to create parks for the communities is one principle of community-based land conservation. Furthermore, great cities have great parks. These parks are the gathering places for cultural events, farmers’ markets, recreation and also brings communities together. Providing wonderful park system is just as much an ...view middle of the document...

The squeezed patterns lead to traffics which of course, pollutes our air from the car emissions. It is the same air we breathe. Therefore, our health is at risk. Protecting our farms and natural lands helps to protect our community character and keeps traditional landscapes from fragmentation. That makes a community physically fit, as it a healthy economy.
Will Rogers talks about who will lose or who will win in principle three. Commonly, when we are debating the growth problems or opportunities, I will argue that a community is only as physically fit as its weakest system. To have a healthy metropolitan region, we must have a healthy city center. The competition over resources and economic policies for tax dollars hurts the cities. We should create funding in our country to pay for the public purchase of development rights, and that encourage continued farming, ranching, timber farming amongst others. It will provide farmers with financial return without having to subdivide their farms and ranching.
Principle four states that the path begins in our neighborhoods. Wonderful and lively communities are a product of neighbors doing what’s right in vision or planning policy. I tend to believe that if we hold an action where we will all work to protect what we can, there will be some change. Protecting our environment, community, history, and our legacy. If we develop an alternative model to what is not working, a sigh of progress will be made. The idea of personal change is challenging, but we need to change our behaviors to avoid more concerns, frustrations, and ethics.
In the Guerilla Nudge Project, we discussed the issue of cleaning dishes with a dirty dishwasher and identified a solution of an indicator that identifies the contents of the dishwashers. It is by thinking small in big ways that contribute to the enhancement of our physical infrastructure.

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