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Juvenile test two chapter 3 & 4
9) What role does the family play in juvenile delinquency? Poor family structure and lack of communication plays negatives role in juvenile delinquency.
11) What role does the social environment play in juvenile delinquency? Children live what they learn and apart from the family, social groups are the second most influential group a juvenile has around him/her. The path they chose will likely determine their values in life.
13) What role does education play in juvenile delinquency? Poor physical ...view middle of the document...

15) How does lifestyle affect opportunity and outcomes for juvenile? A juvenile who adopts a criminal lifestyle will eventually end up with a criminal record that will limit his ability to become successful in life.
1) What are the major difference between the classical and the positives school of criminological thoughts? Classical school believe that juveniles choose to commit a delinquent act while positive school believe that poverty and poor education cause a juvenile to commit delinquent acts.
2) According to the choice theory, why do juveniles commit delinquent acts? They commit crime because they make a rational choice to do so by weighing the risk and the benefit.
7) What effects do dietary influences, prenatal drugs, and hormones have on delinquency? Its believe that poor dieting including a high sugar intake, children being born from parents who abuses drugs, and high testosterone add to juvenile delinquency.
8) How does the autonomic nervous system influence delinquency? If it is too slow to produce the fight or flight response, then the juvenile will not anticipate the punishment.
12) What are the characteristics of someone with conduct disorder? Having little concern fpr thee feeling and well-being of others and may lack remorse or feelings of guilt for their behavior.

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