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Community Organizing Essay

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According to Borgos and Douglas, the key principles of contemporary CO are:

5.1 A participative culture
CO organizations view participation as end in itself. Under the rubric of leadership development, they devote considerable time and resources to enlarging the skills, knowledge and responsibilities of their members. “Never do for others what they can do for themselves” is known as the iron rule of organization.

5.2 Inclusiveness
CO groups are generally committed to developing membership and leadership from abroad spectrum of the community, with many expressly dedicated to fostering participation among groups that have been “absent from the ...view middle of the document...

A critical stance may generate conflict, but it can also stimulate participation and sharpen political discourse in ways that lead to deeper forms of social collaboration.

b. Community organizing is a process by which communities and organizations work together to identify common problems and objectives, acquire and mobilize resources, and create and implement actions to achieve their goals.
Inherent in health promotion and disease prevention is the ability of the public health nurse to educate and organize people so they can participate in building healthier communities. As such, greater understanding of the concepts of health promotion, health education, communication process and community organizing is a must for the public health nurse.

1. Community Analysis
The process of assessing and defining needs, opportunities and resources involved in initiating community health action program. This process may be referred to as community diagnosis, community needs assessment, health education planning and mapping.
a) Steps in Community Analysis:
* Define the Community
* Collect Data
* Assess Community Capacity
* Assess Community Barriers
* Assess readiness for change
* Synthesis data and set priorities

2. Design and Initiation
a) Establish a core planning group and select a local organizer.
b) Choose an organizational structure.
c) Identify, select and recruit organizational members.
d) Define the organization mission and goals.
e) Clarify roles and responsibilities of people involved in the organization.
f) Provide training and recognition.

3. Implementation
Put design plans into action
a) Generate broad citizen participation.
b) Develop a sequential work plan.
c) Use comprehensive, integrated strategies.
d) Integrate community values into the programs, materials and messages.

4. Program Maintenance – Consolidation
The program at this point has experienced some degree of success and has weathered through implementation problems. The organization program is gaining acceptance in the community.
a) Integrate intervention activities into community networks.
b) Establish a positive organizational culture.
c) Establish an ongoing recruitment plan.
d) Disseminate results.

5. Dissemination – Reassessment
Formative evaluation is done to provide timely modification of strategies and activities. However, before any program reach to its final step, evaluation is done for future direction.
a. Update community analysis.
b. Assess effectiveness of interventions/programs.
c. Chart future directories and modifications.
d. Summarize and disseminate results.

c. Community Organizing Participatory Action Research (COPAR) 
- The process and structure through which members of a community are/or become organized for participation in health care and community development activities
-  continuous and sustained process of...

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