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Community Organization Essay

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The creation of a community based program that address fall in the older adults will play an important role in the well-being of the residents in our community. This program will address the main factors that directly affects this public health issue and promote better practices for everyone. Some of those factors are mobility and balance issues that are a normal part of the aging process, as well as conditions such as strokes and arthritis that influence mobility and balance as well. These adults are also exposed to vision changes and in some cases vision loss. Another important factor is environmental hazards such as poorly designed spaces, clutter, and poor lighting among others. Side ...view middle of the document...

The use of peer educators can not only bring a cost effective solution, but also an effective way to reach certain individuals in the community that may be hard to talk to. These peer educators will provide information in an ongoing basis by providing one-on-one encounters. These peer educators will receive training prior to the program go-live date. The training will be provided by health professionals in the community such as occupational therapists, health promotion workers and clinicians.
The education will be divided into two sessions. The first part of the session will include the delivery of information to the members of the community as a general audience. At the end of the session the educators will provide them with culture sensitive information such as home safety checklist, and other available resources in the community. The second part will include informal conversations, and gatherings where the educators will be able to spend more time with the subject and deliver the information in a more informal way as well as receive feedback from them that could be incorporated to improve the outcomes of the program....

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