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Community Health Reflection Essay

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Community Health Nursing Reflection
Veronica Hubbard
June 25, 2012
Cindy Januale

Community Health Nursing Reflection
Community health nursing is a specialty field of nursing which care is provided to people in the community setting. A community health nurse can provide care to children and the adult population. As a result of the economic depression, more people in the community are becoming jobless, homeless, low-income, and uninsured. So the need for community health nurses has drastically increased. The child community health nurses’ role is concentrating on health promotion and prevention strategies. According to Contemporary Nurse Journal (2011), “the role is ...view middle of the document...

This leads me to my first diagnosis of risk for imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements related to socioeconomic factors. Interventions for this diagnosis are as following: formulate a nutritious eating plan and encourage participation in an exercise program. Because of the decrease in employment in the area, the second diagnosis is risk for social isolation related to having inadequate resources and loss of personal resources. Two interventions for this diagnosis are to identify a stable support system and provide access to resources that are available to help. Caregiver role strain related to being a single parent is the third nursing diagnosis for this community. There are a lot of single parent households in this area. Interventions for this diagnosis are to encourage caregivers to express their feelings, and encourage participation in support groups with members in similar roles.
Healthy people 2020 indicator
A Healthy People 2020 health indicator for this community is access to health care and a nursing role that can positively affect this indicator is education on the importance of having regular check-ups. The nurse can also inform the uninsured and low income families of the facilities that have free medical care and screenings. This indicator is very important to the family in my community because of the number of people who do not have jobs and who are not able to afford to have medical insurance for themselves and children.
Partnership & cultural diversity
The community health partnership that can assist with diagnosis and Healthy People 2020 indicator is the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. This agency offers a lot of free services to individuals in the community. At this location there are various resources...

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