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Community Health Nursing Final Essay

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Identification of Community
Originally called the Tri-City, Westminster is in Orange County, California. “Westminster is landlocked and bordered by Seal Beach on the west, by Garden Grove on the north and east, and by Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley on the south”, (Westminster Wikipedia entry, 2014). Westminster is also called Little Saigon. “The 2010 United States Census reported that Westminster had a population of 89,701 with a population density was 8,926.5 people per square mile”, (Westminster Wikipedia entry, 2014). 29.6% of the population is between the ages of 35-54. "Most people were hospitalized due to diseases and disorders of the circulatory system", (OC Health Info, ...view middle of the document...

Exposure to bad pollution is associated with decreased lung function, respiratory symptoms, hospitalizations, for cardiopulmonary causes, emergency room visits for asthma and premature death, (Orange County Health, 2013). Westminster also has a higher carbon monoxide levels compared to the national average. “There are a total of 146 Westminster police officers”, (Westminster crime rates and statistics, 2014). “This results in 1.6 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 26.5% less than the California average and 41.6% less than the National average”, Westminster crime rates and statistics, 2014). “Even so, Westminster has a 4% lower crime rate than the California average”, (Westminster crime rates and statistics, 2014)
Cultural Assessment
Westminster has the largest Vietnamese population in the United States that resides outside of Vietnam. Among the Vietnamese, family is valued highly and plays a central role in the culture. Vietnamese family often lives close by each other. Most elderly parents live with married children and grandchildren until death. Children do not move out of the house until marriage. Husbands usually make decisions outside the home, and wives care for the home. Education is very important in Vietnamese culture. They believe that school is the ticket to successful life. Elders are respected while children are expected to obey them. Roles of the families slowly reversed as women working outside of home. Women are more independent and make their own decision.
Vietnamese community does not recognize substance use and perceives it as a minor issue. Where being addicted is not always viewed as bad, and a lot of families protect and enable their loved ones, especially if the person with an addiction is male. Lack of parental contact, as well as intergenerational conflict, are major causes of substance use disorders among Vietnamese youth. Parents work long hours, which limits the amount of attention they can give their children. The clash between Vietnamese parents’ strict parenting styles and their children’s need for nurturing as another factor in drug use among children. High academic expectations, accompanied by stress and parents’ expression of disappointment in their children’s progress, add to the pressure. Ignorance of substance use by their children is common among parents, (Santa Clara County, 2011). Parents are not open to seeing mental health or substance use issues in their children. The majority of Vietnamese individuals who receive treatment for substance use are males who were mandated to do so. They were caught using or selling and had the choice of incarceration or rehabilitation. If it were not mandated, it would be very hard to engage Vietnamese individuals in treatment. It is difficult for Vietnamese individuals to answer the very personal questions that are asked in substance abuse therapy. It is seen as a betrayal to talk about private family issues, (Santa Clara County,...

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