Community Curfew Essay

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Award Level: Bronze
Instructional Area: Promotion
Activity: Community Curfew
Name: Mya Mumpfield
Date Completed: November 24, 2012

Community Curfew
“I want you home no later than eleven.” This is what some parents might say to their teenage child. Some parents don’t even budge to give their teenagers a curfew. Well, guess what? The community is planning on issuing curfews to society’s teens. I feel that the community should not give curfews. The community will lose money by paying officers for curfew patrol, breaking curfew will cause a large amount of tension, and teens would feel lack of freedom.
Firstly, the community is already low on finances and ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, if teens break curfew, it would lead to a ticket or juvenile. If tickets are issued to teens numerous of times, they would be in so much debt. When teens go to juvenile for curfew, it makes no since at all. This means that our jail rate for teens will rise. Also, parents will have a hard time trying to have their child released from jail and curfew tickets erased off of their record. That would be a big hassle.
Thirdly, teens will feel that they would not be able to do anything such as late events, parties, or even there prom night for high school seniors. Most teens would come to the conclusion of lack of freedom. When schools would want to have events such as Homecoming, the community would probably cancel it because of curfew. More teen events such as concerts or competitions would even be canceled because teens would not able to be out late. Everything would be for the little kids because things like Sesame Street concerts and the circus all are in the day time. If teens have curfew, and cannot be out late without a parent or guardian, parents would have to go with their teens. I am sure that no teen wants there parent at a parent with them.
I conclude that I am a teenager and I have a curfew by my parents. They allow me to go to late parties and events unless there is not a parent there. If my community gave curfew to teenagers, I would be furious and would have to stay in the house on the weekends. This means that I cannot go to teen clubs, I cannot have a birthday party and my friends and I cannot go to movies or skating late. No one wants to see a scary movie in the daytime. Curfew is a horrible idea.

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