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Community College Completion Essay

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Community Colleges are all over the nation. We know this and see this as Phi Theta Kappans in Michigan. We experience this first hand and learn from this and become successful because of them. President Barack Obama has set forth an ambitious agenda for U.S. postsecondary education: by 2020, he would like to once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. This is an amazing and ambitious goal but it will take the help of us as Phi Theta Kappans to reach this.

In April 2010, the American Association of Community Colleges and five other community college organizations responded by reaffirming their commitment to completion while maintaining their commitment to ...view middle of the document...

The belief in democratizing education by maintaining opportunity is very paramount to the continuing growth of an educated U.S. population. Meeting increased demand for more noncredit and online courses is one challenge facing community colleges. Another challenge for community colleges is to help some kinds of students to successfully complete courses, especially high school students, guest students, and non-traditional students. For high school students, community colleges provide opportunities not only for the academically advanced but also for those who need to further develop their potential. Earning college credit while in high school has been shown to increase the likelihood that a student will enroll and persist in a postsecondary education institution.

The demand for community college courses is apparent in the substantial growth of dual-enrollment programs in high schools. Community colleges also assist students in completing high school or its equivalent with GED and diploma programs, which is essential to increasing earnings and future workplace opportunities and other higher educational opportunities. Other students who attend 4-year institutions and enroll at a community college for just one course—also reap economic benefits by earning credit that transfers at a much lower cost. The ability to take courses while enrolled concurrently in a 4-year institution can also decrease time-to-degree. Community colleges also represent a means of increasing workplace productivity for the non-traditional students who are students who enroll in courses to expand their knowledge or skills for possible advancement or for personal growth. Examples include learning a new welding technique, a new computer program, or the most recent changes in the Internal Revenue Code. Non-traditional students can also earn continuing education units, which may be essential to maintaining licensure in their current profession or a profession they are...

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