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The limitation of free speech on college campuses

Many people believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech usually exist in democratic countries including the United States of America. Furthermore, The U.S, also known as “Free country” have legalized the freedom of speech in every institution such as school, college, or church. There are many people including myself who are against freedom of speech in specific sectors such as school and college. On the other hand, the University of Missouri believe in the power of free speech even though in some cases it can be offensive. Why should free speech be limited on campuses? When should free speech be limited on campuses? Who should take ...view middle of the document...

But too often, this has happening in ways that trample freedom of speech.” (“Campus adults: protect free speech” 1). Students stands against such a racial profiling environment and spoke out. However, the university of Missouri does not seems buffered by the events. School authorities say that the first amendment protects just about all speech. As those events occurred, I believe that free speech should be limited to prevents these kind of environments in the future.

In addition, the United states of America, also known as the land of freedom, I believe that everyone who lives here should be able to experience that freedom everywhere. However, I also believe that a place like colleges, that freedom should be limited as soon as one feels offended by someone else’s say. For example, I have witnessed at Old Dominion University, Virginia, a student being laughed at and being judged because of his sex orientation. It occurs that the student was gay. A man who loves man. I do not support homosexuality but everyone has the freedom to make a choice and no one should be threatened because of that especially in a place like college. For the student, the campus became offensive because some students were judging him or telling him offensive words. To avoid that, limitation of free speech must take place on college campuses.

Furthermore, I believe that free speech should be limited in the University of Missouri because it could cause demeaning and intimidating environment on campus. When a student is being intimidated he/she becomes insecure. As the controversy at the Missouri campus of discrimination, students were being demeaning because of their race. Discriminatory harassment includes conduct (oral, written, graphic or physical). “On the Missouri campus, students and professors tried to stop a student photographer from taking photos of a public gathering. At Wesleyan University, some students petitioned to defund the college newspaper after it ran an op-ed questioning the tactics of the Black Lives Matter movement.” (“Campus adults: protect free speech” 2). The event pushed some students to stand up and speak out about the issue. Students have the right to express themselves but their freedom should not demean or intimidate other students.

In addition, I do not condemn the student at Missouri campus for crossing the line. However, I do condemn the authorities of the university for not having any reasonable policy regarding free speech on campus. I believe that the authorities of the university of...

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