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Communism In The Usa Essay

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Communism in the USA
1: Source A suggests that in the 1920s, America feared that the working class would stop working and the country would go downhill. This is shown in the source by the person representing the labour class, walking down the stairs, labelled with words like strikes, riots and murders. This is showing us that America feared what would happen to the labour class. Source A also suggests that America thinks one event will lead to another, not knowing what it will eventually end with. This is shown in the source by the words on the steps, like disorder and bolshevism, and then by the question mark at the end.

2: Source C and source B are both telling us about ...view middle of the document...

’ and source C says that they are being tracked down, like criminals. We are also told by by both sources that there was a huge amount of communists. We can tell this by the fact that in source B they are referred to as a ‘mass formation’ and source C says ‘the voice of the many.’

Source C, is supporting communists, while source B is completely against them. Source C refers to them as ‘poor labouring men and women’, and goes on to say that they ‘are more American in ideals than the agents of the government’. This tells us that Jane Addams, the author of source C, thinks that they follow the American ideal more than the government do, showing she supports them. Source B however, describes what is happening as ‘horror and terrorism’ and tells us that it is destroying Russia. The source also refers to the communists as ‘alien radicals’. This source is questioning what will happen if communism carries on, ‘Why not ask what will become of the United States Government if these alien radicals carry out the principle of the Communist Party?’ Source B also believes that the communists are trying to ‘overthrow the decencies of private life, to usurp property, to disrupt the present order of life regardless of health, sex or religious rights.’ Showing that Mitchell Palmer, the author of source B, thinks they are trying to ruin the country by going against all its rules.

Overall, source C doesn’t support the evidence of source B very far, as each source has a completely different point of view, and a different opinion to communism.

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