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Communications Essay

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Successfully pitching a new product idea to your boss or presenting a financial analysis or strategic plan to your company’s management team requires a high level of proficiency across a broad set of communication skills that have never gone out of style—in fact they’re in high demand.

In the words of one US high-tech recruiter, “Communication is KEY. You can have all the financial tools, but if you can’t communicate your point clearly, none of it will matter.”

Our 2014 survey of nearly 600 employers revealed what they want most from new graduate business hires—they want people who can speak ...view middle of the document...

So, as you think about your post-degree career, how will you stand out from the competition in the job search OR to secure that promotion?

Of five major skill sets employers consider most important when hiring recent business grads for a mid-level position, communications skills top the list, followed in order by teamwork, technical, leadership, and managerial skills. With the exception of one industry–manufacturing, where leadership skills were in greatest demand—this finding was true across all world regions and employers, regardless of industry or company size.

In order of their importance in the workplace, employers ranked communications skills, on average, twice as important as managerial skills. The sheer value of these skills, and the high level of proficiency demanded in each, is on full display in the graphic below. The top four skills employers seek in new hires are communications-related: oral and listening skills are ranked first and second-highest, followed by written communication, presentation skills, and fifth-ranked adaptability, a teamwork skill.

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