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Communication skills are an important facet of life. Communication skills are essential in all spheres of life. Effective communication skills centers round the usage of words, speed of delivery of words, pitch modulation and body language. Using the right tools to communicate the right messages at the right time carries you towards success.

At interviews for selection right and suitable fresher for executive posts candidate have to satisfied with rich communication skills .Whatever be the recruiting criteria that industry giants had in their agenda the companies were looking for is communication skills of candidates not a first class degree.

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Other than these, there must also be the sender and the receiver. Generally, communication process begins with the sender and ends with the receiver.
In most cases, the sender is an individual, groups or organization, depend on the scenario. The source always determines whether the message will be a success or no. This depends on the sender’s experience, attitude, skill and even culture. Whether they are written words, spoken words or even nonverbal words, the sender is solely responsible in ensuring that the receiver interprets the message as accurately.
When encoding, the sender must decide what message he wants to pass across, The message should be easily interpreted by the receiver. To begin transmitting, a sender must settle the most appropriate channel. He must select a more advanced medium, free from any distortion. This may include telephone, or even reports.
After this, the message then enters the decoding stage. This is done by the receiver He gives his own interpretation to the message. All successful communication takes place when the receiver correctly decodes the message.
Feedback is a key component in any successful communication process. This allows the sender to evaluate the effectiveness of the message. It is also a chance for the sender to take corrective measures, and clarify any information that was misunderstood.
Communication process is the perfect way towards achieving effective communication in any business set up. The process can guarantee that there won’t be any form of misunderstanding between the sender and the receiver.

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