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Communication And Strategy Essay

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
By George macfly

When taking a personality test or a learning styles test there is a fine line between right and wrong. When a person takes this type of test there is only one way for them to be accurate and that is simply stated the truth about how the questions are answered. These tests are used by several corporations during the employment application process to determine the proper fitment of the individual to the position in which they are applying for.
Personality Test
There are several results that a personality test can offer in the Keys to College Studying: Becoming a Lifelong Learner book there is a personality spectrum that gives a person the opportunity to find out if they are an organizer, adventurer, giver, or even a thinker. For effective communication a thinker, adventurer and even an organizer would be very effective tools ...view middle of the document...

Leaning Styles
Learning style tests can consist of results to show a person their best suited style of learning, another test that corporations show and prove to be accurate. The three well suited styles of learning that would be best for team work and effective communication would consist of Interpersonal, Visual-Spatial, and Verbal-Linguistic. These three would be best suited due to the fact that the three of them combine create three different style of learning that are very compatible with each other and accent the other very well. An Interpersonal learning style shows that a person likes to do projects with other people and is good at understanding people while working with them. A Visual-Spatial has the ability to stay focused enough to read a map correctly which allows good direction and is artistic and creative in their ways of learning. Last, a Verbal-Linguistic allows a person to bring the learning style of expressing clearly and negotiating while giving the opportunity to tell stories and write effectively. This is a strong group to have due to the three learning styles that will give effective communication to not only a group or team but for that individual to learn in a timely and effective fashion.
With the ability to have effective communication and collaboration there has to be learning styles and personalities that will cooperate with it. The personality is one of the most important tools to have when trying to communicate and be effective with it. This will allow a person to have and hold a conversation and be effective whether it is to teach a person or to just converse. Different learning styles give a group or person the ability to learn in a matter that is successful for them to understand the conversation or material that is being taught. This is what makes such a diverse society and gives the ability for people to learn different things to be successful in life.


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