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Communication And Information Technology Paper

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Communication and Information Technology Paper
Althea McDaniel
March 25, 2012
Tralicia Brown

Human communication is "the process through which individuals in relationships, groups, organizations, and societies create and use information to relate with others" (Edwards, 2007). "As individuals, communication is our link to the world, our means of making impressions, expressing ourselves, influencing others, and giving ourselves" (Ruben & Stewart, 2006). Communication involves interaction between two or more individuals. "Communication is the means of pursuing joint activities, relating to each other, and sharing ideas" (Ruben & Stewart, ...view middle of the document...

Some ways used for communication include speech, gestures, body language, facial expressions, sign languages, writing, typing, drawing, spelling on a letter board, using communication devices
Over the last years, the impact of information technologies has become at its pitch. It is obvious that communication technologies affect and even reshape our society offering new and improved means of inter-personal communication. Technology increases the ways in which information can be communicated its speed and volume that can transmit at one time.
Communication revolution has created a number of digital devices. A modern technology aimed at those who are supposed to possess the abilities to see, hear, and use hands. Because of this, people with physical, sensor, and cognitive disabilities cannot have the access to these technologies. Thus, it becomes more important to ensure that disadvantaged people not left behind, that the potential of new technologies is available to everybody. It is vital that elderly-friendly user interfaces created; new technologies are adapted to the needs of disabled.
Current services available for the elderly and disabled nowadays include Smart Homes. In order to provide independent living, many homes will have to supply by assistive technology for specific needs including intelligent user interface that enables control of house appliances by means of portable devices. It helps people with physical, sensory, and mental disabilities to live independently. Typical smart home applications exploit developments in telecommunications and microelectronics. Basic facilities like smoke alarms, sprinklers, safety alarm systems, systems of regulation of central heating by thermostats, systems controlling home environment (for example, opening and shutting curtains from a central console). It has planned that in the future every device will use Bluetooth or wireless LAN technology for data transmission, care services these are health-monitoring systems based on advanced telematics for aiding in preventative health care. They are, for example, special devices for measuring vital signs and sending this information to care specialists via the Internet or via the mobile Web Services. The Web is the main mechanism for the transport of information; it also serves as a vehicle for commercial transactions, education, gives access to world news etc. New technologies focus on making the Web accessible foe disabled users. Access to the Internet is possible through different devices in addition to the traditional PC, such as mobile phones, digital televisions, and information booths. Specialized interfaces are needed for people with limited functionality; audio and virtual reality navigation around web pages. Speech control of browsers; for people with sight impairment - adjustable screens; for people with cognitive impairments these are intelligent agents that help to browse the web text telephony over the...

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