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Communication And Information Paper

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Healthcare and New Technology
The future is certainly bright for health care technology professionals, but also for marketers, communications professionals and strategists who see the invaluable role they also play in making information technology a reality in the industry (Fell, 2012). There are five technology trends to keep an eye on; Personal Health Records, Mobile health content and apps, social networking and new media applications cross platform contact centers, and health gaming like, the Wii-fit. While most IT professionals can speak the language of bits and bytes in their sleep, few of them do a very good job of communicating to the business side about information that could be ...view middle of the document...

All departments who use Fushionfx will be able to communicate and update each other on a patients information even then the department is across town.
Advantages and Disadvantages
There is always an advantage and disadvantage to new technology. According to the Carefx website, some of the physicians discussed what they liked and didn’t like about the new software. One of the issues was that there was so much clinical data but little time. “Doctors spend a third of their time recording and synthesizing information” ("Care Fx Simply Advancing Healthcare," 2012). Doctors spend so much time collecting data they do not have enough time to sit down at the computer and fill out all the information he collected throughout the day on Fushionfx. Not only did physicians complain about the software a few discussed how they enjoy the convenience of Fushionfx. A physician explains that once the software is installed it will provide room for more information much quicker so patients will be fully assessed. Fushionfx will need some more time to develop to become an excellent source of information but for now, it has become a huge step into the future of communication.
Affect on Consumers
Fushionfx provides services to doctors, nurses, administration, and even patients. The software helps everyone to communicate and understand each other. Doctors, nurses and administration can all stay updated on a patient’s status through the software whether they are in New York City or Portland, Oregon. The patient can also log in online through the website and see all of their information. There will be a potential increase of 100,000 appointment slots added. There will be a 75% decrease in call wait time ("Care Fx Simply Advancing Healthcare,” 2012). The information will be easy access to doctors, nurses, and administration, which means that there will be less time communicating back and forth with each other about a...

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