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Communication Essay

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Connect the power cord to the trainer. Keep the power switch in ‘Off’ position.

2. Connect BNC connector to the CRO and to the trainer’s output port.

3. Make following connections with 4mm banana to banana connectors:

a. 250 Hz to CH 0 input socket of Transmitter block.

b. 500 Hz to CH 1 input socket of Transmitter block.

c. 1 KHz to CH 2 input socket of Transmitter block.

d. 2 KHz to CH 3 input socket of Transmitter block.

4. Switch ‘On’ the trainer's power supply & Oscilloscope.

5. Observe the Transmitter Output (TP20) along with CH0 input (TP11) for

reference with the aid of oscilloscope. Use Transmitter's CH0 Input for external

triggering of oscilloscope. This will help to achieve a stable waveform.

The Transmitter Circuit samples all channels at different time intervals. The

time division ...view middle of the document...


Scientech Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 49

Experiment 7

Objective: To observe output waveforms at receiver channels, CH1/ CH2/ CH3 on

oscilloscope & observe preservation of DC level in output waveform compared to

input signal.


Initial setup of Trainer:

Function Generator pot direction : clock wise

Duty cycle Position : 5

Delay control : Anti clockwise

Comparator Threshold level : clockwise

1. Connect the power cord to the trainer. Keep the power switch in ‘Off’ position.

2. Connect BNC connector to the CRO and to the trainer’s output port.

3. Make the following connections with banana connectors:

a. Transmitter Output to Receiver Input

b. Transmitter Clock to Receiver Clock

c. Transmitter CH0 to Receiver CH 0

This ensures mode1 operation of the TDM PAM trainer (see diagram7.1) for

interconnections. Transmitter Clock signal is used by the receiver to

synchronizes its activity & Transmitter CH0 signal is used by the receiver to

know which sample belongs to channel 0.

4. With the help of oscilloscope, observe the Transmitter Output signal (TP20) &

the Receiver’s CH 0 Low Pass Filter's input (TP41)

The oscilloscope plots the extracted sample corresponding to channel 0 from the

time division multiplexed samples.

5. Display the Receiver's Low Pass Filter's input (TP41) & output (TP42)

simultaneously on the oscilloscope. The signal at TP42 shows the reconstructed

~250Hz sine wave which was transmitted at CH0.

Similarly view the outputs of all Receiver Low Pass Filters at TP44, 46, 48.

Observe that each of the original sine waves has been correctly reconstructed.

6. The Duty Cycle Selector Switch can be varied from 0% to 90% in steps of 10%.

Display Transmitter Output (TP20) and receiver CH0 output (TP42) on the


Now vary the Duty Cycle Selector switch. Notice the effect of variation duty

cycle selector switches on Transmitter Output & amplitude of the Receiver's CH

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