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Common Themes In Literature Essay

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Past Year Question B.I SPM Question 34
SPM 2002(old format)
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
50. Write a detail account of an event in the novel you have chosen which teaches you an important moral lesson. In your account, you must make clear what the moral lesson is.
· Requirement of the question : Moral Value+ plot(evidences)
· Talk about moral value then back up with evidence(crucial to remember plot) from text

SPM 2003(Old format)
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
50. (a) Which character do you sympathize with in the novel you have studied?
(b) Explain why you sympathize with this character. Support your answer with
evidences from the novel.
• Requirement of the question : Character sympathized + reasons of sympathizing the character+ plot
• Evidences to back up (plot)

SPM 2004
Choose any one of the novels above and answer Question 34.
Use ...view middle of the document...

SPM 2006
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
34. The writer describes the main character as a very determined person. Using the details from the novel that you have studied write about:
• Some instances that show the character’s determination
• How the determination affects his/her family.
• Requirement of the question ; main character’s determination(value)+plot(evidences)
• Significance of determination in affecting the family, with evidences from text.

SPM 2007
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
34. “ It is important to have a person you look up to in your life”
From the novel that you have read, write about one character that you look up to. Give reasons why you choose him/her
• Requirement of the question: character(person you look up to)+plot(evidences)
• Reasons candidate chooses the character (e.g values the character observed) + evidences

SPM 2008
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
34. Using the detail from the novel that you studied,
• Describe what happened at the end of the novel
• Explain why you find the ending either happy or sad
Support your answer with close reference to the text.
• Requirement of the question: Happening of the ending(plot)
• This require the candidate to retell the story. Therefore remembering the plot is crucial.
• State the reasons for finding the ending happy or sad. This is open ended. Candidate can talk about character, event and ect.

SPM 2009
Choose on of the novels above and answer the following question:
34. Using the details from the novel that you have studied, write about a difficult decision made by one of the characters.
With close reference to the text, do you think this was the right decision?
• Requirement of the question: difficult decision(event)+plot
• State one difficult decision(remembering plot is crucial)
• Right or wrong decision made? State your reason and provide evidences from text. Again remembering plot is important because you need to give evidences.

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