Common Elements Described In Theories/Philosphies Of Case, Kouzes And Drucker

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Ability to present clear and concise information consistent with the targeted audience
As the acting J1 and Staff officer for the Defense Intelligence Support Office-Afghanistan (DISO-A), I was required to present technical information in a variety of settings: through briefings, slide presentations, video teleconferences, Tandberg’s, meetings and/or emails for the Defense Forward Element (DFE), DISO-A Chief, Directorate Deployment Mission Managers (DDMM), Global Force Management Office, Deployment Readiness Center and J1 Rear. I also provided information via VTC and Tandberg on a weekly basis to the Staff Components at the Defense Intelligence Agency reference all personnel actions and status.

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Experience in managing projects
As the Staff Officer for (DISO-A), I was responsible for developing and managing the implementation of submitting the NATO Medal Award suspense roster. This would ensure all personnel authorized to receive the NATO Medal would be awarded it prior to departure from theatre in a timely manner. I also managed the weekly submission of the In/Outbound Roster to the DISO-A Chief, J1 Rear, and anyone else deemed necessary.

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What special projects did we do in Afghanistan or where you are now or anytime?

Ability to facilitate meetings and communicate technical information to various audiences
I have extensive experience working in environments requiring daily interaction with senior executives and their staff; from interacting one-on-one with senior military officers to various dignitaries. My oral communication skills are tied directly to my understanding of the importance to clearly articulate intent. As the Staff Officer for the Defense Intelligence Support Office-Afghanistan (DISO-A), a great part of my daily function was spent interacting for purpose with SES’s, Colonels, SGM’s and their staff. Quarterly we would have numerous dignitaries and honorable persons visit which required personnel status briefs for personnel deployed to the Afghanistan Area of Operations. Additionally, I’ve acquired in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and effective ways in which to influence a desired outcome while studying for my MA in Diplomacy. I believe this skill will be a priceless asset to NGA? (what organization is the position for? That’s why I need vac announcement) during planning and coordination sessions between Agency elements.

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