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Common App Essay

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e need a president who is not only popular in the US but around the world in order to have better relations with other countries. Iran is still a viable threat, with possible nuclear weapons being developed there. As I write this essay, American troops continue to fight in the longest war in US history. Afghanistan reminds me a little of Vietnam; troops would hear of peace talks and be told there will be no conflict as the war will die down ...view middle of the document...

Foreign affairs do not only entail military conflict, it is mostly comprised of diplomacy, creating and maintaining 'friendships' with other nations.
I worry for the future of my generation. Having to grow up in this environment where the unemployment rate is at 7.8 percent and college graduates are having an extremely hard time acquiring a job that pertains to their skills concerns me. The problem remains that there are not enough jobs that meet the skill set of most US graduates. This forces companies to seek employees elsewhere. We are the world's strongest economy but the Asian countries are quickly catching up. The next president needs to be clear on what he will do to decrease the national debt, and how to boost the economy so that we may stay competitive as a nation.
I have no say in this year’s election; I am not of age to vote. I have many concerns though, including the quality of my future, along with millions of Americans. In the next ten years I hope to be a positive contributor to both, the American economy and peace in the Middle East and around the world.

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