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Commercialisation Of Tablet Tv Essay

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1. Concept behind business opportunities

Attributed to the advance in technology, particularly the evolution of Internet, people can access virtually unlimited amount video contents via web streaming such as YouTube. Consequently the purpose and concept about television have been changed. Traditionally it is electronic device that shows fixed channels offered by television broadcasters but more people nowadays want TV that can provide interactive features, for example watching video contents from the web whenever they wish to, accessing Internet, even want to have social network services, Facebook or Twitter.

Accordingly many big TV manufacturer acknowledged new demand in the market ...view middle of the document...

Taking advantage of changes in market environment and using of latest technology, the idea of the tablet T.V. will be able to exploit the business opportunities.

2. Intellectual property protection

There are various types of intellectual protection according to IP Australia (2012), which are patents, trade marks, design, copyright, circuit layout right, trade secret and plant breeder’s right. It will be a patent among them that is used to protect intellectual property will be. According to English and Moate (2010), a patent is legally enforceable and grants the owner of intellectual property exclusive right to commercially exploit the invention in Australia for twenty years.

Currently world TV market is dominated by big three company, led by Samsung, LG electronics and Sony. Based on the figure from 2011 statistics by Reisinger (2011), those big three accounts for 48% of total world TV shipment. Even though the idea for this tablet TV has great opportunities in reality it is extreme difficult to manufacture and compete with giant companies in the market considering it requires huge initial capital investment and substantial ongoing cost.

Given that market characteristic, best way to make the idea commercially viable will be selling the idea to big T.V. manufacturers via licence. With this way, the ownership of patents will be retained together with licensing right, royalty program. Such method can generate revenue from license fee on sales of the tablet TV. Since standard patent requires a lot of cost and time, at initial stage provision application will be adopted to lodge application to IP Australian (2012). Benefits for this option is that, although it does not guarantee protection of its own, it is practical approach to establish early priority date. It will be useful especially for highly competitive and rapid changing market like TV industry.

3. Market viability

Potential Demand
• Market Size
As such a product, tablet TV, that is proposed before is not currently available in the market, it is difficult to estimate size of the market. In other words, it is regarded as new opportunities in uncontested market. Nevertheless, since it belongs to smart TV category, it is possible to calculate roughly the market size on the basis of data from the smart TV statistics.

A report from The Consumer Electronics Association (World TVPC 2012) reveals that 260 million TV set were sold in 2011. It also suggests that world television sales are expected to grow just 20% from 2012 to 2013. Smith (2012) stated on his report on the website that about 20% total television shipped in first quarter of 2012 were smart TV. According to article from (2012), United States currently is the biggest market for smart TV and followed by China and then Japan.

• Market growth
While overall global TV sales will remain sluggish, it is expected that the smart TV will be major driving force for growth in TV industry....

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