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Comm Essay

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One of the key elements to having a successful team would be communication which can either be verbal or nonverbal. Now even though these two are separate types of communication, they are both essential to use in order to fully express everyone’s understanding and point of view. Groups have to connect in a way for everyone to comprehend and contribute to make the final product. Without good communication within a team, the process may become that much more difficult especially when trying to express ideas over a medium such as e-mail or text messages. As explained in Ch. 7 of Working in Groups, verbal communication is simply the vocabulary we use to communicate such as the words we say ...view middle of the document...

Something in which women may understand more than a man for example would maybe be pregnancy because males do not know what the feeling is themselves. For men, they may understand something more by physically seeing it then just being told according to the information.
Something we may also face throughout working with groups would be cultural differences. Language can definitely be a difficult thing to handle if someone within the group speaks a different language or may have an accent. According to Ch. 7 of Working in Groups, we should not be stereotypical in this situation or judge a person based off bad vocabulary or differences in communication. One of the best ways to fix a problem such as language would be to use codeswitching. Codeswitching is when we change the way we speak in order to express ourselves in a way that is easier for someone to understand. This is very similar to a time in which a foreign student attended my school. She was not familiar to the language we spoke so we tried to explain things to her by using some of her language while also using ours. I remember talking to her and asking her many questions and something that stood out was that even though some of our language correlated to the same word they did not have the same meaning as they did in English which is something that astonished me.
When working within a diverse environment we can communicate more effectively by paying attention to detail like the nonverbal and verbal communication everyone uses within the group.  “The communication process is 90% made up of...

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