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Com 100 Essay

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1. What is the difference between your self-concept and self-image? What is the difference between your self-concept and your self-esteem?
Self- concept is the interior identify or subject describe of who you think you are while self-image is view of yourself in a particular situation and it changes depend on situation. I will be a quite and shy person when I am in-group of stranger but I will be a active people when I am around the person I know. Self- esteem is the current view of you.

2. Think about experiences you have had with noise or interference in the communication process. Write one example of interference in the context, one example of interference in the sender, one ...view middle of the document...

Explain why you chose the rating. Give specific examples.
Three kinds of metacommunication discussed on age 18 are eye contact, facial expression and posture. I am good with eye contact fair with expression and poor with posture. I feel more confident when I look at people when I am talking and not too with expression I don’t know how to show my expression without confusing people. I am really bad at posture. I can talk nonstop with friends when we have eye contact. I have the feeling that they are listening to me and my expression will go along with it sometime.
4. The first four steps in DECIDE are related to anticipatory metacommunication. What real-life communication situation would be most likely to need planning, and therefore, the skill of anticipatory metacommunication? What real-life communication situation would be less likely to need a lot of time for planning communication? Why? Give specific examples.
Real-life communication situation would be most like to need planning a group of employees are trying convince their company invest in his project. They need to get all the information ready before they do their presentation and answer all the question when the company ask. Real-life communication would...

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