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College Vs University Essay

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College vs. University

When choosing to go to a college or university the decisions you make are critical to your learning, knowledge, career and income. The tradeoffs you make in this process are incredible, when making the important decision whether to choose a college career tract over a university directed career. Both academic institutions require high grades from applying students as competition is high to get into them and location, financial requirements, and specialization also become key factors in a students decision as well.

First, the location of the school a student chooses , has a large opportunity cost. Going to school away from home you must live in residence, which cost more money. This may cause you to have to take a large loan, find a summer job that pays substantially, or take a year off in between high school and post secondary in order to afford this. Whereas if you were living at home and going to school you would not have these ...view middle of the document...

This has created an over supply of university graduates for employment demand. Even though research shows University graduates do make more income in the long run, the college graduates are actually now in more demand as too many students have chosen the University route and now find it hard to get a job afterwards. In fact, there has actually been an increase in demand for college student graduates. Employers take advantage of college based skills. College educated students receive more on the job trading and skilled trade experience. Since the supply is elastic more college graduates are receiving employment quicker. Therefore, they may actually financially do better as they pay less in student loans and are earning income faster as often they get employment with work placements that they had in their programs. For example, the computer imaging at Durham College, provides a placement with a local company that services international clients. They took on 2 college students and both were hired immediately after with the company. Companies are investing in the students as well as the college. There has been this in University but they have been slow to provide the link with local companies. Most students of University have been left to find their own employment.

Thirdly, the greatest motivation to attend university is that colleges may not offer the field you would like to specialize in. For example nursing or Kinesiology. This may lead to more satisfaction in your work using one’s gifts and talents. University offers continued education like a master, PhD, or doctorates again leading to higher financial gain. Society rewards more educated people. But there are always exceptions. Sometimes the average millionaire has little or no postsecondary education.

In conclusion, most students are faced with the question early , as to which track of education they should choose. High school is asking of its students to choose as early as grade 9 or 10 which in the end , may not be the best as factors like location, financial roadblocks, grade point averages, and not knowing what they want to do, may delay or prohibit a students choice in the matter. A student’s career may depend on these factors and is an incredible burden for so many.

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