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College Success Essay

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College Success

Helpful Tips For College and Life

“Becoming a Time Manager and a Goal Setter” is a chapter that teaches skills that can used in every part of life. The purpose of this chapter is to teach you how to manage your time and establish goals in each area of your life. Some types of goals are an immediate goal, which is achievable in a few hours. A short-term goal is achievable within the range of a week to a term. An intermediary goal is achievable a year or more. A long-term goal is achievable in a matter of years (Wong 108). A helpful tool in establishing your goals is STSR. It is:
• Set Specific, clear and realistic goals.
• Set a specific ...view middle of the document...

My writing on the wall for other students who wanted success in college would be, “To reach your new cheese, don’t let your old cheese hold you back.” In other words to achieve success in college don’t let past bad experiences and habits cause you to fail.

In “Developing Self Management Skills” you learn four new self-management skills. They are concentration, motivation, stress management and procrastination management. Concentration is the ability to block out external and internal distracters. Important points about concentration are:
• Concentration requires a concerted effort on your part to train or discipline your mind.
• Concentration involves monitoring your thoughts and emotions as well as the environment.
• External and internal distracters consume space in working memory, disrupt your brain wave patterns, and affect the flow of stimuli throughout your memory system (Wong 125).

There are seven strategies to increase concentration when you study. They are:
• Set learning goals - knowing what you plan to do and how to do it gives you purpose and concentration.
• Be an Active Learner – active learning discourages you from reading or working in a detached manner. Be physical while reading such as highlighting or taking notes.
• Chunk Information – this involves breaking larger assignments or pieces of information into more meaningful units that working memory can manage.
• Create a Study Ritual – a series of steps or constant routine that helps you get started quickly on task.
• Begin with a Warm-up Activity – is an activity that prepares you for a new lesson. Such as skimming a chapter or assignment before you actually start it.
• Use Mental Rehearsal – create a picture in your mind of yourself completing an assignment with ease or finishing a test with confidence. Don’t let past experiences block you from change of old patterns.
• Control your Physical Environment – create an ideal study environment at school or home that is conductive to learning (Wong 126-127).

One very valuable thing I learned in this chapter was how to set up an ideal study area. The three most important physical parts of the environment are noise, lighting and space. Wong says that we all tolerate different levels of noise. Some need a silent environment or minor sounds. Contrary to student beliefs research proves that noisy environments or visual stimuli interrupt though processes and brainwave patterns. This causes concentration to turn on and off at split second intervals. We require two light sources to avoid eyestrain. And lastly the workspace needs sufficient space to spread out textbooks and notebooks. It should be clutter free with minimal visual distractions such as pictures and other stimuli (Wong 127-128).

Motivation is the feeling, emotion, or desire that moves a person to take action. Motivation becomes the powerful, driving force behind the...

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