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College Entrance Essay?

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Everyone has things that they excel at. Every single person is extremely blessed in at least one aspect of their lives, and right now you’re probably thinking, “Where is this kid going with this?” Well, I excel in two things, being pro, and being a boss. Being pro is the ability to be more than amateur, and being a boss is better than being an employee.
                People like to say that they are a boss with no real reasoning behind it, but I’m here to tell you I’m no sham, I am indeed, a boss. I run things around here, when people need something done they come up to me and say, “Hey boss, I need something done” and I just say “What’s up, or what’s that? Sounds like I already finished it.” That’s how expediently I tend to matters of importance. Another boos like quality I have obtained over the years is the ability to ...view middle of the document...

It’s quite a trivial question for you see, I was born a pro. Talent like mine can’t be made or earned; it has to be a birth right. And I have it. I’m so pro that I had a level 100 Charizard. That’s right. Level 100.
                I’m also a pro at being a boss. Betcha didn’t see that coming. Nobody challenges my status of boss because I’m so pro at being a boss. Whenever my boss status is challenged people just show up and say, “Woah now, calm down. He’s pro at being boss.”  My status of being a boss has become a legend of Buda. The people tell stories of me saving babies from fires, fish from land and even surviving a roundhouse kick to the face by Chuck Norris. Yeah. Chuck Norris. I’m so pro at being boss; they call me “The major league Boss.”
                I’m so boss at being pro that I can be pro in the dark. I’m so boss at being pro that when the lights go out the word “pro” lights up and circles my head like the halo I deserve. I’m so boss at being pro that I’m a corporate level pro, above the C.E.O.’s. Sometimes when I’m bored I’ll just orchestrate amateurs turning into pros, because I’m actually that boss at being pro. Jealous yet? You should be.
                I’m so pro I’m going to start my conclusion with “in conclusion.” In conclusion to my previous statements of fantastic genius, I’m so pro I bless the amateurs with my presence, kind of like Jesus. Also I am the cure to amateur hour, and my entire vocabulary has been trademarked and copyright protected.  I would like to bring this level of boss and pro to your institution of higher learning because I feel your staff would really benefit from having me as a student. And also that I would actually be able to teach your staff how to be a boss and a pro and maybe even how to be a boss at being pro or even how to be a pro at being boss.

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