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College Cost Being Affordable To All

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College Cost being affordable to all
One of the most important pieces to becoming a triumphant business woman/man may be receiving ‘college education’. A college degree may be perceived to be a necessity and may be slowly becoming an unreachable ambition for a number of people. Most consider college cost to have been rising and that the increasing rate may be outpacing that of most other costs. At the same time as the cost of college increases, families may have to alter their way of living to be providential enough to take their kids to most colleges. Alongside with how families’ lives vary, countless other problems may be produced in a variety of ways. The ...view middle of the document...

Numerous students and parents feel that the college cost may be worth it, as they may have the ability to obtain better employment in the future as compared to someone without a college degree. Research has revealed that most high school seniors may be extremely concerned as regards to the college cost of tuition; nevertheless, 80% of seniors consider a college education to be a minimum prerequisite for a decent employment.
There may be issues that come forward with regards to college education; the first issue may be whether college is even affordable. The key problem that families face may be the intricacy in paying for college, particularly with the current condition of the economy. Patrick Callan, states that “Given the financial adversity of the nation, it may be simply astonishing that universities and colleges have this sort of increases” (Lewin). Supposing a young adult may have a dream of attending a certain college in a state that may be different? Residency regulations may be grounds for the cost of raising ‘out-of-state’ college tuition fees to approximately three times that cost of ‘in-state’; nonetheless, this changes numerous students’ choices on where to go to college. The irrationally high costs of ‘out-of-state’ college tuition fees make numerous students to alter their college choice and may have an adverse effect on the rest of their livelihoods. Studies show that only one in five of students that enroll in community colleges graduates in the stipulated three years, whilst only approximately half of students that go to universities receive their bachelor's degree. That has threatened to make this generation of ‘college-age’ Americans to be less ‘well-educated’ than their parents (Marcus). In order to come up with a solution for this menace, an idea of federal action to control the rapidly rising higher education cost was embraced by President Barack Obama, to cub amid growing frustration with increasing tuition. His proposal that universities and colleges cut costs may be a larger package to make college affordable. Obama wants to raise higher education funds, mostly through federal loan programs expansion (Parsons and Kathleen). 
Whether a student may be looking to reside ‘in-state’ or move out, the college cost may be still very high. The College Board reveals that the expenses, approximately, to attend a four year college degree adds up to approximately 9,000 dollars per annum for ‘in-state’ residents. The amount that non-residents have to pay may be approximately 27,000 dollars. Private colleges’ expenses tend to tally up to around 35,000 dollars per annum. Public colleges’ tuition increases have been a basis of concern across the nation as most states grapple with the budget cuts. Private ‘four-year’ colleges have higher net and sticker prices, than the public ‘four-year’ colleges. However, recent research shows that, the percentage rise in average published fees have been higher at the public colleges than that in...

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