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College Athletics Essay

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` Introduction
A. Opening Device – In 2015 the National Collegiate Athletic Association generated an estimated $1.5 billion from the annual March Madness basketball tournament according to Yahoo! Finance. While it is an extremely exuberant amount, the NCAA is the only institution in America in which it doesn’t pay the people that fuel its industry, the student-athletes.
B. Thesis Statement – As the NCAA continues to reap immense profit, it is only right for these student-athletes to be compensated for the revenue they generate.
C. Preview – First, I’ll inform you on the current principles and policies that the NCAA has in place, why those principles and policies are absurd, and I’ll ...view middle of the document...

b. Let NCAA use their likeness

B. Why those policies are absurd
1. Amateurism is a sham
a. It is hypocritical to say collegiate athletics is an amateur to sport when the industry is making nearly $11 billion annually more than the NBA playoffs.
b. In 2013, college coaches counted as 40 out of the 50 state highest-paid public state employees. (Deadspin)
c. According to Walter Byer in book Unsportsmanlike Conduct, “Amateurism is not a moral issue; it is an economic camouflage for monopoly practice.” (Byers)
2. The original intention of the term “student-athlete”
a. Long before the NCAA became the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, the first executive director Walter Byers crafted the term “student-athlete.” This term was added to the NCAA manual and was specifically crafted for the purpose of avoiding having to pay workers’ compensation claims.
b. Rick Dennison, a player who died from football related injuries, was unable to claim worker’s compensation for his widow since he was not categorized as an employee.
3. Academic Fraud
a. Mary Willingham, former UNC learning specialist turned NCAA whistleblower, said the student-athletes across the country were academically under-prepared and put into classes that required little work.
b. University of North Carolina Academic Scandal
c. Though the NCAA boasts that giving student-athletes a world class education is their main priority, they took a different stance while addressing the issue, “It's...

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